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Let's shake

this world up.

Ryan Hesslau is a social entrepreneur and public speaker on a mission to help others elevate their impact and influence in the world.

Meet Ryan Hesslau

Ryan Hesslau serves as the President & Executive Director of the 501(c)(3) youth development organization ForeverUAs a high school sophomore, Ryan Hesslau founded ForeverU in 2012 after researching the stories of students his age who had died by suicide due to life circumstances that went unseen. Their stories became his motivation for developing a creative solution to ensure that youth who were struggling had the resilience to keep living.

Today, the organization is empowering youth to overcome adversity by offering personal development programs to 7-12 grade students that equip them to face life's greatest challenges and obstacles.

Ryan is also the CEO of the student management technology company Above the Waves which he founded during his junior year of college in 2017. The company offers a mobile and online application to high schools that allows guidance counselors to message students, schedule sessions, and make referrals - all from one central location.